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Central America

Former prosecutor arrested for alleged embezzlement of $2.5 million from Honduras’ Central Bank

Former prosecutor arrested for alleged embezzlement of $2.5 million from Honduras' Central Bank
Photo: ATIC

December 1 |

Former prosecutor Francia Sofía Medina, who previously served at the Special Prosecutor’s Office against Organized Crime (Fescco) in Honduras, has been apprehended by members of the Technical Criminal Investigation Agency (ATIC). She is accused of the alleged embezzlement of approximately $2.5 million from the country’s Central Bank (BCH).

Investigations reveal that these withdrawals took place over the past two years without informing higher authorities within the Public Ministry. She faces charges of money laundering, abuse of authority, and the misappropriation, destruction, concealment, or disablement of documents in custody.

Furthermore, authorities conducted a search on Wednesday at the prosecutor’s residence in San Pedro Sula, Cortés, in the northern part of the country, seeking additional evidence.

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Despite being on medical leave since July 2023, Medina submitted two additional refund requests to the Central Bank, which were processed without following proper administrative procedures.

However, the financial institution claims to have documentation supporting all deposits and withdrawals, serving as guarantees requested by authorized prosecutors from the Public Ministry. This information has been provided to the authorities through the San Pedro Sula branch.

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Central America

Migrant vessel tragedy off Panama: Deaths and disappearances reported

In a tragic maritime incident, a migrant boat foundered near Panama’s Caribbean coastline, adjacent to the desolate Darien jungle, resulting in an unspecified number of fatalities, as disclosed by the Panamanian border police on Wednesday.

The National Border Service (Senafront) announced in an early morning press release the grim discovery of deceased migrants, victims of drowning. The exact death toll remains unclear, prompting the deployment of search teams to the disaster site.

Reports from Telemetro, citing a correspondent in Puerto Obaldia, indicated there were 14 survivors, alongside four confirmed deaths and seven individuals missing, from the vessel which originally carried 25 migrants.

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Central America

Defense Minister commends salvadoran soldier for Central American Cross Country victory

The Minister of Defense, Francis Merino Monroy, congratulated soldier Idelma Lizeth Delgado Juárez, the Central American Cross Country Champion of 2024.

The minister explained that this weekend the III Central American Cross Country and Race Walking Championship took place in the Republic of Guatemala, where members of the Salvadoran team had an outstanding performance.

“In addition to our champion, the national team includes three more members from the Armed Forces, who brought honor to the name of El Salvador,” he added.

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Super Bowl shatters viewership records with 123.4 million tuning in for Chiefs’ victory

The Super Bowl last Sunday, where the Kansas City Chiefs emerged victorious with a 25-22 win over the San Francisco 49ers and featured Taylor Swift as a star spectator, achieved a record-breaking audience of 123.4 million viewers, setting a new benchmark for television broadcasts in U.S. history.

This spectacle surpassed the previous record held by last year’s Super Bowl, in which the Chiefs also clinched the title, this time against the Philadelphia Eagles, gathering 115.1 million viewers.

The 2024 Super Bowl ranks just behind the Apollo 11 moon landing in 1969, which had an estimated viewership of between 125 and 150 million people in the U.S. However, the comparison is somewhat imprecise since the moon landing was broadcast across various networks, whereas the 2024 Super Bowl was exclusively aired on CBS and its affiliated channels and platforms.

Data from Nielsen Fast National and Adobe Analytics, released by the NFL in a statement on Monday, showed that 120 million people watched the game on CBS.

The remaining viewers tuned in through Paramount+, Nickelodeon, Univision, CBS Sports, and NFL+. Notably, the 2.2 million viewers on Univision set a new record for a Super Bowl broadcast on a Spanish-speaking network.

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